Add Advanced Screening Criteria to Your Covered Call Search

Proprietary Scoring Systems

optionDash developed three proprietary scores to help covered call investors quickly evaluate important investment factors. Learn More

Value Score

Quality Score

Trend Score

Option Data

Narrow down your search by filtering on real, intraday option data.
Search criteria includes:




Open Interest

Bid Price

Return if Called

Downside Protection


Include common fundamental data and ratios to refine your search:

P/E Ratio

Profit Margin

P/B Ratio



P/S Ratio

Payout Ratio

Earnings Yield

Dividend Yield

Market Cap


Choose from several different options to create a diversified covered call portfolio. Screen by Sector, Industry, ETFs, or Leveraged ETFs.

Key Dates

Knowing key dates impacting stock prices are a must of covered call investors. With our advance screening criteria, you can choose to exclude upcoming earning announcements or dividend payments.

Is anything missing? We want to create the best covered call screener available. Please let us know what you’d like to see.