optionDash’s Proprietary Stock Scoring System

3 Scores to Quickly Judge Important Investment Factors


Quality Score

Strong Fundamentals & Repeatable Earnings Our optionDash Quality Score evaluates the fundamental health of a company. The score includes a unique combination of bankruptcy indicators and statistical models to assess a company’s long-term viability. Important factors include profitability, leverage, and quality of earnings from core operations. Companies with the strongest financial statements will achieve the highest scores.


Value Score

A Current Value Below Market and Historical Averages Covered call traders historically seek out undervalued companies for their positions. The optionDash Value Score includes critical ratios like the price to book value, earnings yield, dividend yield, and a valuation calculation based on historical ratios. The highest Value Scores trade at the biggest discount to their market price.


Trend Score

Recent Momentum Either Bullish or Bearish Stock prices can exhibit upward (bullish) trends or downward (bearish) pressure. The optionDash Trend Score will help you quickly evaluate the most recent direction and momentum of the current price. The score includes many common technical indicators including moving averages and the relative strength index. High scores demonstrate the strongest bullish momentum while low scores exhibit a bearish trend.

The best covered call screeners give you the tools to make quick, informative investment decisions.

Each score allows for a quick evaluation of common investment considerations. None should be considered a recommendation to buy or sell the security. Additional factors including risk, timeframe, investment objectives, and diversification should be included when making investment decisions.