Our goal is to provide the best covered call screener on the internet.

OptionDash Covered Call Stock Screener- We know covered calls

Since 2002, we have taught investors how to manage a portfolio of covered calls.  We also manage portfolios for our clients that do not want to control their accounts.  Financial education and do-it-yourself investments are pillars of our companies’ investment philosophies.  

For many years, we provided a Free Covered Call Screener on SniderAdvisors.com.  As more users turned to this tool to find income-producing covered call investments, we decided to make it a stand-alone site with even more features.  Some screeners try to do it all, but we are laser-focused on Covered Calls.  

For many investors, a covered call is their first options trade.  After success, many options traders try to find more aggressive, complex strategies.  Inevitably, these same traders come back to the consistency and reliability of covered calls. We cater directly to these investors to make finding the best covered call positions simple.  

We are always looking to improve our tools. If you have any suggestions or want access to additional information, please let us know.